you kept falling in love & then one day...

I have this huge affinity for the water & I've felt that way for as long as I can remember. 

I was the youngest on the swim team as a child. The aquarium scene in Closer nearly killed me with excitement. "Long walks on the beach" really is one of my interests. When I want to treat myself to something really special, I go to The Shedd ....& so you get the picture.
I saw this video from Jon Rawlinson a few months back & was immediately drawn to it (for obvious reasons). This visuals were amazing & so tranquil, but it was the song that really stopped me in my tracks. The song is called "Please Don't Go" by Barcelona. I bought the whole album upon hearing this song, but I've kind of forgotten about it as of late. Then, coincidentally enough, my friend posted it to Facebook. I love those songs that are so great to rediscover & I love that the Facebook post brought me back to this video.

Rawlinson also has some beautiful footage of jellyfish set to the song "Come Back When You Can," which is by Barcelona as well.

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